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Live, love, lie, as a student of Hogwarts. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin. Who are you?
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Eli Carver
Eli Carver

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 6:09 pm

So the normal stuff:
1. No swearing

2.No offensive language or images (Guys, you know what I'm talking about.)

3. My word, or any other admin's word is law. Anything that is unclear, simply ask me or any other admin and what we say, goes.

4.No abusing/bullying any other member(s). If I have to boot someone out, I will. Gladly.

Roleplay rules

1. Don't post anywhere besides RPG, unless it's on the welcome or questions area. Or it's on your own Character Application.

2. No god-modding. As in, no superheroes who destroy whatever they want.

3. You are not allowed to make another RPer do ANYTHING in your role-playing. For example: (My character) was walking along and saw (Someone else's character). He jumped in a volcano.
No one likes their character being controlled by others.

4. No going to places that you wouldn't know about if you were a normal student, (i.e. Chamber of Secrets, Room of Recquirement) without admin approval. (Thank you alex granit for pointing that out.)
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Site Rules
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